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Are yo thinking to export but do not know how to start?

The recent years, foreign trade is not an alternative to explore for companies in this country, it is becoming a basic need to survive.

Aware of this need, in Marketeasing we have Easy to Export , oriented to help SMEs that they want international expansion of your business.

With a methodology FULLY ADAPTED to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises, available to offer a range of resources aimed at defining jointly for your company, a strategy of export-oriented carry out the first steps to begin the process of international expansion of business.

Identify and understand the idiosyncrasies of the countries with better positioning for the sale of their goods and services.
Having a comprehensive new analysis suitable markets for performing trade relations channels and distributors of goods and services of your company in the new countries.
Having a successful strategy for export of goods and services of your company, for the coming years, with all the detail of tools and resources needed for each market.
Advice and monitoring of our experts in internationalization throughout the implementation process to ensure that they are achieving the objectives defined in each country.