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For those who are looking for a job, or for those who while still working, You always want to improve.

Are you ready to work? Do you know what you have to improve and what have the excellence?

If you are working or looking for a job, You must know your degree of readiness level competencies. Do this test and you will receive free in your email a report of your strong and weak points and you will enter our database of candidates that have access a large number of companies from different sectors in search of professionals.

Are you an engineer and don't know yet your degree of specific skills to develop your activity ?

If you are developing or are you going to develop your career in the field of engineering, You must know your degree of preparation at the level of specific competence. Do this test and receive free in your email a report with your strong and weak points, and you will enter in our database of engineering professionals where access several companies in the sector in search of candidates.

To companies who are in the process of selecting or restructuring people

Business management in recent years has greatly sophisticated, and both the manager and the employee must have other skills beyond those strictly necessary to develop their technical tasks.

Plan and implement a competence to cover job description to define the profile of candidates that best suit the needs of the profile in order to develop more performance guarantees high performance in your company.
We developed a comprehensive competence profile analysis recruited and based on the reports and results, we present the best.
With the most innovative tools in the field of selection and competency management help selecting candidates to the needs of the workplace setting and so can get this key differentiating factor for a demanding market like.
The selection process to competency Easy Job, and a job counseling for the type of contract fiscally beneficial, subsequent to the incorporation of the candidate we conducted a monitoring and training support in order to help the company and the new candidate to adapt and reduce the risk of low.