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Increasingly, managers are aware that in order to grow or maintain our market share, we need to implement new strategies that allow us to develop new lines of business with new products and new markets, but also increasingly know that the resources we have are limited.

Defining a Marketing Plan that addresses the needs of marketing the product, identifying markets, the different distribution channels and major communication strategies.
Definition of a viability plan that addresses each and every one of the actions of marketing, within a tight time frame and budget resources of the company.
Support for the implementation of the tasks defined with innovative tools (Media center Recruitment, automation sales network, telemárqueting, emailing, social media).
How I can improve sales? What should I contact segments? How?

It is therefore essential to have tools and methods that allow us to work contrasting define in detail the Business Development Plans and Feasibility plans in order to minimize your risk, and above all, that allows to adjust the actions that we need to develop, the resources they have.