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Mataró City Council created the Special Committee Briefing on Corporate Governance, Ethics and Transparency

Commission strategic work, pricing commission, committee of good governance and transparency…. some words can be , Perp we are waiting for a change, Wings that are fresh air, very cool.

For some time the new government is working Mataroní values ​​of the economy for the common good, which are nothing more than those collected all the constitutions of developed countries : human dignity, solidarity, social justice, transparency and particpació, and sustainability.

If we think that drafted the constitution and citizens is the tool that we have to regulate the society in which we live, how is that not all municipalities are municipalities?

It is a task we all get it from the Association and from our companies we work every day to achieve it.

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Andreu Pérez

Andreu is MBA with more than 20 years of experience creating innovation management and defining marketing and business strategies and solutions to innovate.

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