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To what extent is ethical planned obsolescence?

On the one hand consumers feel cheated and secondly workers lose their jobs because they can not produce if more products are eaten.

What is the solution?

In the years 50 engineers redefined their inventions to make them obsolescent and did not hide why, Rather the complete opposite; indeed today still taught in design schools planned obsolescence as a requirement in the finished product.

A foundation creates a seal for companies that produce without obsolescence. Read article here.

The solution is to align with sustainability in everything we do and rethink our business impact parameters 0 in order to ensure that our activity is beneficial or at least not harmful for the environment. The repair , innovation of new materials and production models, or evolution towards other value added services, they are also lucrative business models and interesting to consider for future generations.

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Documentary 60′ on planned obsolescence :

“Buy – Take – Buy ………..”

Andreu Pérez

Andreu is MBA with more than 20 years of experience creating innovation management and defining marketing and business strategies and solutions to innovate.

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