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More of 60 students have enrolled in the online course for the economy for the common good

dandelionThe past 30 November was launched the first online course consultants for the economy for the common good, and in the first week were registered more than 50 Students enrolled.

The economy for the common good is a movement to the dissemination and implementation in society, of a more supportive economic model, transparent, worthy, sustainable and fair in order to establish a basis for cooperation between companies and respect for their consumers and their employees.

With these courses we hope to get form the basis of qualified professionals who can help and guide companies that want to embrace the values ​​of the economy for the common good with guarantees to improve the dynamics of your business.

from Marketeasing , with a score in the Balance of Common Good 616 points, actively collaborate in this course as faculty members.

Andreu Pérez

Andreu is MBA with more than 20 years of experience creating innovation management and defining marketing and business strategies and solutions to innovate.

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