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The municipality of Mataró promote ethics and transparency in government,es

Values ​​that should be a must in the management of the government of a municipality, They are explicitly news when a government says it will work on them.

These are some of the contradictions of our political and economic system but are also clear signs that something is changing and for good.

The basic objectives that underpin this new form of government are, on the one hand, exercise a form of government more open and participatory, generating social cohesion, through a full exercise, exemplary and transparent municipal functions, on the other hand, get local government, be more efficient, sustainable and socially committed.

Nothing new in the annals of local history but great news if you really work at it.

The Ecomomia the common good, It is an ideal tool for municipalities, not only they know how to orientate to these values ​​but they can quantify their alignment with the Municipal Index Common Good (IBCM).


Andreu Pérez

Andreu is MBA with more than 20 years of experience creating innovation management and defining marketing and business strategies and solutions to innovate.

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